Dr Margie Morgan MD

About Dr. Morgan


I am a clinical microbiologist and currently the scientific director of microbiology at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. I love to teach, and during my thirty years in microbiology I have taught enumerable pathology residents, infectious disease fellows, pharmacists, infection control nurses, and clinical laboratory scientists. I have reviewed hundreds of pathology residents for their board examination at the Osler Institute Pathology Review Course. It has been my goal to spread the science and art of microbiology to whoever would look and listen. I love to teach microbiology!



I am starting this site to help you review basic microbiology topics and methods through PowerPoint presentations, study notes, and short video presentations. This site is intended for microbiology topic reviews for board examination preparation or for just a "taste" of a topic. It is not meant to be an in depth review of all microbiology.



I welcome your questions and suggestions for topic review. I will do my best to answer your inquiries and promise to never identify you or your institution in my response and will never give anyone else your email information.


An update about new developments in Hepatitis C research

New interferon free treatment options are available in Hepatitis C trials at Ruane Medical. You might know someone who could benefit from these treatment options. Please feel free to direct them to the website you find at the link.


If you know someone who needs a liver biopsy, they might be able to have a non-invasive diagnosis using a FibroScan. FibroScan is fairly new to the United States as it was cleared in April 2013 by the FDA. It is a very valuable diagnostic tool to monitor the progression of most liver diseases.